You might think that all drug stores are the same, but with my tips and inside secrets, you will discover that Rite Aid beats the all comers, hands down! Rite Aid's deals make it an incredible store for anyone interested in couponing and shopping deals.

Rite Aid vs. CVS & Walgreens

My family is fortunate to have Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens stores all within two miles of our house, and I have tried shopping in all three extensively. From a prescription drug standpoint, all three seem perfectly capable. The retail prices in the stores are about the same. All three stores have their good points and weaknesses. So why is it that I have become so enamored with Rite Aid? It boils down to three basic differences:

  • The SCR Program. CVS and Walgreens both issue rebate-like coupons that can be used like cash towards future purchases, but Rite Aid actually writes you a check instead! I’ll take cash over a coupon any day of the week. With Rite Aid’s Single Check Rebate program, you get a check instead of coupons. And Rite Aid’s program doesn’t require mailing in receipts or UPCs. Everything is done on-line. The Walgreens Register Rewards and CVS Extra Care Bucks programs force you to return to their stores soon (mostly within two weeks) to make another purchase, or your rewards will expire. Rite Aid hopes that you come back soon, but even if you never make another purchase at Rite Aid, you can still get your SCR check. I can’t remember how many times I have found Walgreens Register Rewards and CVS’ Extra Care Bucks on my desk expired.
  • Coupon Friendliness. Rite Aid’s coupon acceptance policy is very generous, and most importantly, it is published. They gladly allow you to stack both a manufacturer’s coupon and a Rite Aid coupon for each item. They will gladly take two sets of coupons on Buy One Get One Free purchases. If you have a BOGO coupon to use on a BOGO item, then you their policy is that you get both items FREE! They will take coupons even on “Freebates” – items that have the entire purchase price refunded – and they never reduce your rebate for the coupon amounts. They take internet prints without hassle. I use an embarrassing amount of coupons, and I can attest that Rite Aid is the coupon friendliest store I know. The problem with CVS and Walgreens is that some are friendly towards couponers, while others treat us couponers like we were stealing.
  • More Bonuses. Rite Aid has some phenomenal bonus programs that are truly a couponer’s dream. Last fall there was the “Fall Gift of Savings” that gave me a $20 gift certificate just for spending $100 BEFORE coupons and rebates. They repeated that program over the holiday season. Now there is an Allergy Rewards program – with some purchases also counting towards an SCR! Just about every month Rite Aid publishes a coupon good for $5 off a $20 or $25 purchase. These coupons are so common that a smart shopper can have $5 off virtually every purchase. Every now and then CVS and Walgreens will issue similar coupons, but they usually have very tight expiry dates or rigid limitations. No store compares to Rite Aid's generosity with bonus deals!

I am certain that if you learn the ins and outs of Rite Aid, then you too will become a huge fan of Rite Aid just like me!